Install turbotax with license code –

Turbotax makes tax filing easier. It is a platform that offers features and tax tools that simplifies tax return filing for taxpayers. Install turbotax with license code on your PC, to complete federal and state tax return filing. This brings you all of the amazing tax tools and guides ahead for tax preparation.
Be ready to file a promising tax return for upcoming tax season, using Turbotax software.

How to install turbotax?

Download and install turbotax on your PC, that involves following steps to do so-

  1. Go to official turbotax website. From here visit the Products and Pricing page.
  2. Select the desired product from the list of different products.
  3. Also, with it help you select desired product by choosing the correct requirements.
  4. It suggests you product based on the choices you select on the page.
  5. Now, proceed ahead with the Payment steps.
  6. Under “Access from downloads” folder you can get your product.
  7. Download the file on particular locus.
  8. Click the file twice now, this launches installer. Now, install turbotax with license code.
  9. Finally, your turbotax product has been setup now.

How to get License code?

When you purchase turbotax product online you receive the License code. It is either sent you via confirmation mail or via online receipt. License code is just a combination of letters and numbers that involves 16-characters. This is required to activate your turbotax product.

Note- If you have purchased turbotax CD then you will get the license code along with the CD box, in its sleeve or any packing stuff. Search for the license code in the box, or you may find it along with the CD envelope.

Where to enter turbotax license code?

For accessing the tools and features of turbotax you need to activate it using the license code sent to you via mail. On installation of the turbotax product an activation screen appears.

  • Fill in the 16-characters code sent to you.
  • Tap the ‘Activate’ button now.
  • Continue with the prompts to complete activation.

How turbotax helps in tax filing?

Turbotax is great way to prepare for tax season, so install turbotax with license code. This will avail you all the tools, calculators and forms by purchasing a turbotax product. The foremost benefit is that it eases tax filing by providing guidance of experts. Just glance at the given benefits to know more about turbotax –

  • User-friendly platform – Turbotax files taxes through question-answer mode of tax filing. Easily navigate to different tax tools and get to the forms you need to file.
  • Provides Audit Support – Tax return on this platform is checked by professionals. It is done as per the tax laws laid down by IRS.
  • Guidance of experts – Through chats or live call you can sort out your doubts related to tax filing.
  • Live Assisted and Live Full Service – With purchase of these services you can access different support for issues. Besides, they help you file or get it done for you.
  • Tax estimation – Estimate the amount of Federal & State taxes you owe. This can be estimated using the tax tools and calculators on the platform.
  • Guarantee of higher refunds – On filing taxes through this platform, you are promised refunds of max amounts. Also, the taxes calculations are performed with accuracy.
  • Accuracy on calculations – Rest assured while filing taxes with turbotax. It guarantees you for accurate calculations on your returns. Based on your tax situations and tax laws it guides for the tax amount.
  • Return is Backed by Turbotax – All tax filing process is performed as per IRS tax laws. So tax payers need not to worry about tax returns.
  • Tax tools & calculators – It offers various tax tools and calculators to know the taxes you owe.
  • Upload documents with ease – You can upload tax documents wherever required. It is a easy to do process.